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SITES OF INTEREST: Mus Castle, the Holy Monastery of Karabet (Church of the hook), Mus Great Mosque, Hacı Alaeddin Bey Mosque of Honor and the Lion Han, Murat River Bridge.
Ancient Cities
Kayalidere Ancient City: (Castle Town) Mus center 40 kilometers, 20 kilometers away from the Kayalikaya Varto'ya village. A Urartian settlement. Conducted in 1965
official excavations, the castle, temple, Wine Cellar, Burial and the small finds were uncovered. Urartu King II. Sarduri transfer (M.Ö.735-764) dated to the castle is very strong. BC is sitting in the temple courtyard paved VII. century. bronze statue of a lion, buttons, arrowheads, bronze pins, belt pieces were found depicting a lion hunt.
Mosques and Shrines
Ulu Mosque: The mosque at the center of Mus province in 979-i Mağrubi was built by Sheikh Mohammed.
Haji Mosque of Honor: Mus province, the Lions in 1318 Abdulhamit Khan mosque, built by the Han in the.
Aladdin Pasha Mosque: The mosque at the center of Mus province in 1700 the governor of the city was built by Mr. Aladdin.
Tombs: Tomb of the head cut, Ibrahim Samidi (Zerzemi) Mausoleum, the tomb of Sheikh Khalil and Sheikh Mustafa, Sheikh Ibrahim Tomb of His Holiness and the tomb of Sheikh Omar Sahubi türbelerdir important.
Churches and Monasteries
The church bell: (Surp Garabed) Mus-formal town center is connected to the village of Upper Chip. Periods when they are first "fire temple" is used. By the Sassanid period after the Romans in the worship of Christians in 399 were opened. There are still ruins of the church today. Since 1990, foreign tourists to visit this church started.
Arak Monastery: Kepenek connected to the center of the village of Mus. Is estimated that in 499 by the Sassanid. Church-monastery, and was used as a shopping center. There are still remnants of this church.
Virgin Mary Church is located in the center Mus. Date of construction is unknown. Only the upper ceiling of the church collapsed. Can be visited.
Crusader (Kazan) Lake: The lake's waters mainly in the southeast of the town of fuzzy haze. Live in a variety of freshwater fish, especially carp in the lake to be.
Akdogan Lakes (Great and Small Hamurpet) Varto Akdogan large lake area which lies east of the center of town about 11 km ². Carp and trout live in the lake. Around the lake hosts hunting animals like beaver, wild duck and crane.
Goose (Gas) Lake: Aktuzla Malazgirt district town, located in the northeastern part of the small lake by the karst formation of a lake.
Ornithology Areas
Crusader Lake Bird Species: Spoonbill (10 pairs) and gadwall (10 pairs) population gains important bird areas status.

Plain Fuzzy Bird Species: pygmy cormorant (10 pairs), pike (10 pairs), smiling tern (300 pairs) and caspian sumrusu gains important bird areas status populations.
Cultural Centers: Manzikert Cultural Center, the theater, 194-seat hall for activities such as conferences. 160 m² Exhibition Hall 280 people, the Library
160 m² Museum 1 piece Art Workshops

Mus Castles

Mus Castle
Mush is in the center. The castle is the oldest places in the city. The exact date is unknown, but after the Mongol invasion 7 centuries towards the middle of the Prophet. Osman became the scene of battles in the castle along with the environment. Later, the Abbasid caliphs of Baghdad, subject to the Armenian lords of the castle for the management of the environment and kılınmışlardır officer.

 Mus Hijri in 27 Hz. Omer period, when I moved into the hands of the Muslims is also subject to this castle was conquered by the Muslims. Located on the long-running wars have led to the destruction of historical values. Arab Cemetery west of the castle is destroyed, the Seljuk and Ottoman cemetery cemetery is still mixed and dispersed. Organized by the municipality as a park. Günümüzce of the people is one of the main picnic area.
Hasbet Castle
Visit the Red Mountain, on a slope in the south of the eastern extension of Mush. The two towers of the walls and partially standing. Other parts of the natural disaster destroyed. The exact date is unknown, as of structure, material, and Khorasan mortar structure with the development of art has been dominated by the plain and shows itself in the position of police station. Largely destroyed the village in the foothills Sogucak observation tower is also available in 2 pieces. According to a rumor that Alexander the Great
Commander on his way to conquest of Egypt Beatlis'e (Bitlis) can not come back to the castle's big enough to make a requested.

 Commander of the Order Beatlis, Bitlis Castle made before the return of Egypt by Alexander the Great and Alexander the Great Plain pushed Mus accordance with the order. Bitlis, Mus attacked many times but every time Alexander the Great was forced to return to the Plain. Again, an attack that resulted in defeat as a result of staying the night Alexander the Great Plain Mus, an equestrian group's presence in the military, which sees the uneasy and was fascinated by these warriors.

Residence of the fighters interviewed by sending an envoy asks Haspet Castle. Recognizing the demand side of Alexander the Great Kaledekiler expenses. According to legend, Alexander the Great was fascinated with reference to these people,

 "Who are you, that are bothering army commander came and conquered the world." He said. "We Beyleriyiz Gur, did you bother us entering our lands" is the answer. Meanwhile, Commander Beatlis, Alexander the Great sent a message informs that it will deliver the castle.

Beatlis that the presence of Alexander the Great, ruler "-This castle from the beginning why did not deliver and ordumdan caused many soldiers to break?" Question "- so here you make me ruler of the world's most powerful ruler of the army to make a fort here, even if the orders he did not take . I was here I made a castle strong and robust.

You and your military ruler of the world's most powerful army the world's most powerful state is able to capture here. Believing that I would deliver you the keys to castle now fulfilled my duty. "He says. Remain very satisfied with this response to the commander of Alexander the Great on it and forgive him. After a while, gives orders to the army to withdraw from the Mush plain.

Muşet Castle
Visit the Red Mountain, south of Mus. Mus name has become synonymous with. First production is expected to oluduğu belonging to Urartus. This view can be gained after the medieval castle's structure. Khorasan mortar made with Castle.

 Material and texture, and the ruined castle in the old town with Ahlat Haspet castle and the same. Patrol is used as an estimate. According to historical sources, the last name of sizes were made in the name of the leader of the tribe of amulets.

After the fall of the Hittite Empire which replaced the Van on Muskie also taken a lot of kingdoms. Again in 1530 Shah Tahmasp Muslu belong to the tribe took the form of Zülfikar'dan through Baghdad. Muskie is considered one of the clans, based on the root of Urartu.
Malazgirt Castle
Malazgirt'tedir. Has a majestic appearance. Pockets pockets surrounding the two walls parallel to each county to the castle was repaired. The first period of Islam, Byzantine and Islamic sources, both the castle became the scene of the war a lot of time. Bushes surrounding the castle with the main sign of old Manzikert this historic features of interest.

 Natural disasters destroyed the city walls. Repaired at various times. Repairs still continue today, albeit partially. According to legend, a king named Malazgirt Castle Teymus bulunuyormuş around the beginning of ateşperestler living.

 Bashir's father brought the children of God, faith in the Shah's son Bashir Shah Teymus Malazgirt'ten exile had cut the tongue from the bottom Bashir traveled for months and where the Muslims come to Mecca, the Prophet learning situation. Ali walked on Malazgirt gathering an army of companions. Shah and his retinue Teymus been put to the sword in battle. Hazrat Ali's army and now a district of the county who have come to the village of Şahneder and wanted to stay there. The soldiers wanted to drink water from the fountain in the village because they are tired and thirsty, water is said to be poisonous. Upon this the Prophet. Ali saw the soldiers of the fountain source of water snakes that combines a melting pot like spider's web was deter.

Specific needs of drinking water to the soldiers on the Prophet. Salkayalığına flat land just south of the village of Ali went to view, pulling the stone had hit his sword with sword, and now the split rock snakes soon became well known. Cesme which combines a melting pot of the same mirror pray to God for the withdrawal of snakes snakes retreated to the opening of this pit.

The exhaustion of the soldiers at the end of this drink from the fountain of water thrown over them. To date, between May 15 to June 15 of each year, only the non-poisonous snakes, well, the same size and color yılarlarla dollars so far, by the hands of the peasants by taking these snakes did not harm anyone, although oynattıkları have been identified. Şahnedar village wells go through the days specified in those who want to see snakes

Evliya Çelebi and Malazgirt CASTLE
Castle on the hill and cutting a round stone. In the inner part of the fortress mamurdur.878 Akkoyunlu Sultan Hasan Bayındırı long while trying to capture the Conqueror defeated the long-Hasani uğratıp halkınıda this castle has been under administration. If already on the 922 after the invasion of Sultan Beyazit I. Parent asrında Persian Selim had defeated novice Cildir war, the Ottoman administration, this castle has remained ever since.

There are three sides of the castle with a door facing east is high. There are ways to water down the river to get to the rock cut. Bond and the castle in the garden is not as famous as he, in the destruction suffered by Tamerlane. City is not so prosperous. An estimated two thousand houses, a mosque, two madrasas, a small bath-but it takes a five-man, a caravanserai, and seven children's school in his shop are up to fifty.
City 18 Martial Law is in the middle of the climate, the north of Erzurum, the three host. Bitlis Kıblah shorter than the two mansions. Van Castle is located to the four host. Pear castle to castle with the full seven fersahtır Malazgirt. There are right ways of the early mountain beyond. The city's water and air is very high plateau, beautiful vücutludur all the people. Because winter is very harsh. Plateau, the river is running through the city,

Katerin (Chain) Castle
Within the boundaries of the district is on Mount Malazgirt Katerin. Rome is the work of the East. According to tradition, with Malazgirt Katerin Castles thick chains with a bridge connected to each other.

Tıkızlı Castle
Tıkızlı Malazgirt district located in the village. Studies have determined that as a result of the castle belonging to Urartus. Castle on a hill made of large stones in a mortar with one of the build-up on.
Eastern Anatolia is a lot of research and excavations in recent years, although a limited area covered by them, and especially in and around the city is remarkable that yoğunlaştırıldıkları. In addition, although the pain is very limited, and around Erzurum and Elazig Region, the rescue excavations were carried out some surveys. In the district of Mus, and in particular Malazgirt been extensive research to date. Therefore, as detailed below will work to promote the Castle, the ancient settlement in the region in terms of intensity, and new research to demonstrate the necessity of the continuation of great importance.

According to today's state of the ruins of the castle is surrounded by an area of ​​the central part of the approximately 25-30 x 30-35 meters. 4m İ.ç castle. wide, northeast and north walls in places to a height of 1.5-2m korunabilmişliğine only a few stone, but in some parts of the outer walls were present in the order.
Tıkızlı we saw the walls of the citadel walls, A. By Cilingiroglu "Kilkilotik Method," similar to the so-called framework that wall. Due to the inscriptions of the period of Işpuini (İÖ. 830-810) dated Zivistan Menua'ın with dominion (İÖ. 810-786) can be considered to have been.
Bostankale Castle

Malazgirt 10 km away. As a result of the survey were found to be belonging to Urartus castle. The castle was carved into a rock mass.