10 Temmuz 2011 Pazar

Mush is in the center. The castle is the oldest places in the city. The exact date is unknown, but after the Mongol invasion 7 centuries towards the middle of the Prophet. Osman became the scene of battles in the castle along with the environment. Later, the Abbasid caliphs of Baghdad, subject to the Armenian lords of the castle for the management of the environment and kılınmışlardır officer.

 Mus Hijri in 27 Hz. Omer period, when I moved into the hands of the Muslims is also subject to this castle was conquered by the Muslims. Located on the long-running wars have led to the destruction of historical values. Arab Cemetery west of the castle is destroyed, the Seljuk and Ottoman cemetery cemetery is still mixed and dispersed. Organized by the municipality as a park. Günümüzce of the people is one of the main picnic area.
Commander on his way to conquest of Egypt Beatlis'e (Bitlis) can not come back to the castle's big enough to make a requested.

 Commander of the Order Beatlis, Bitlis Castle made before the return of Egypt by Alexander the Great and Alexander the Great Plain pushed Mus accordance with the order. Bitlis, Mus attacked many times but every time Alexander the Great was forced to return to the Plain. Again, an attack that resulted in defeat as a result of staying the night Alexander the Great Plain Mus, an equestrian group's presence in the military, which sees the uneasy and was fascinated by these warriors.

Residence of the fighters interviewed by sending an envoy asks Haspet Castle. Recognizing the demand side of Alexander the Great Kaledekiler expenses. According to legend, Alexander the Great was fascinated with reference to these people,

 "Who are you, that are bothering army commander came and conquered the world." He said. "We Beyleriyiz Gur, did you bother us entering our lands" is the answer. Meanwhile, Commander Beatlis, Alexander the Great sent a message informs that it will deliver the castle.

Beatlis that the presence of Alexander the Great, ruler "-This castle from the beginning why did not deliver and ordumdan caused many soldiers to break?" Question "- so here you make me ruler of the world's most powerful ruler of the army to make a fort here, even if the orders he did not take . I was here I made a castle strong and robust.

You and your military ruler of the world's most powerful army the world's most powerful state is able to capture here. Believing that I would deliver you the keys to castle now fulfilled my duty. "He says. Remain very satisfied with this response to the commander of Alexander the Great on it and forgive him. After a while, gives orders to the army to withdraw from the Mush plain.

Malazgirt'tedir. Has a majestic appearance. Pockets pockets surrounding the two walls parallel to each county to the castle was repaired. The first period of Islam, Byzantine and Islamic sources, both the castle became the scene of the war a lot of time. Bushes surrounding the castle with the main sign of old Manzikert this historic features of interest.

 Natural disasters destroyed the city walls. Repaired at various times. Repairs still continue today, albeit partially. According to legend, a king named Malazgirt Castle Teymus bulunuyormuş around the beginning of ateşperestler living.

 Bashir's father brought the children of God, faith in the Shah's son Bashir Shah Teymus Malazgirt'ten exile had cut the tongue from the bottom Bashir traveled for months and where the Muslims come to Mecca, the Prophet learning situation. Ali walked on Malazgirt gathering an army of companions. Shah and his retinue Teymus been put to the sword in battle. Hazrat Ali's army and now a district of the county who have come to the village of Şahneder and wanted to stay there. The soldiers wanted to drink water from the fountain in the village because they are tired and thirsty, water is said to be poisonous. Upon this the Prophet. Ali saw the soldiers of the fountain source of water snakes that combines a melting pot like spider's web was deter.

Specific needs of drinking water to the soldiers on the Prophet. Salkayalığına flat land just south of the village of Ali went to view, pulling the stone had hit his sword with sword, and now the split rock snakes soon became well known. Cesme which combines a melting pot of the same mirror pray to God for the withdrawal of snakes snakes retreated to the opening of this pit.

The exhaustion of the soldiers at the end of this drink from the fountain of water thrown over them. To date, between May 15 to June 15 of each year, only the non-poisonous snakes, well, the same size and color yılarlarla dollars so far, by the hands of the peasants by taking these snakes did not harm anyone, although oynattıkları have been identified. Şahnedar village wells go through the days specified in those who want to see snakes

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